Hi, I'm Nonsense.

Nice to meet ya.

  • Pushing From

    Trying not to fall in love
    Maybe because I want
    More focus for personal goals
    Or maybe
    I just hate the feeling
    Of messing up again

  • Viewings

    To know that life is short
    Then to see it in front of your eyes
    Are two amazingly, different things

    Both awful and awesome
    I was awestruck to the sight
    Of a motionless person in front of my eyes

    Comatosed in endings
    He laid in a bed meant
    For eternal slumber

    How is it possible
    That your soul can be crushed
    In a matter of seconds

    Crumbling into emotions and regrets
    Fulfilled by seeing a person
    Never fully met, but fully heard about

    You look around
    And see how much people have cared
    Loved and love again and again

    You wonder about yourself
    About your friends and family
    In the next 50 something years

    How can we disappear.
    How can the life we brought
    Can be taken by the sight of its loss.

    That I find it ironic
    To see a slideshow depicting a baby
    And its end simultaneously

    In reality and in denial

    An emotion of loss and regret
    You never think of the consequences
    Of minor ignorance and reluctancies

    If anything came
    From these prayers and day
    From this summer break

    Was how time is short
    Life is limitless only to those that are
    Open to the right choices

    Closing yourself
    To conflict and worries
    Then you will know how time

    Can move so fast
    And the people you failed to fully see
    Can be gone in a blink of reality

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    Just when you felt like giving up on finding the one

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    uncle phil does not play

    Word to Uncle Phil

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    I got bored at work.


    this is the best thing ever oh my GOD

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    There needs to be a live action version of this starring Neil Patrick Harris and Robert Downey Jr.



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